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South of Market


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Post Dated Checks

Very easy

Available anywhere in the world

US dollar checks take 30-45 days to clear. Therefore, monies paid will also take 30-45 days to be credited in your name.

Only Peso or US dollar checks accepted.

Bank-to-Bank Wire Transfer

Easy, Secure

Valid in any country

You have to go to your bank each month to give them instructions to remit to Century Communities Corporation

Charges range from $10-$20 per remittance


Easy, convenient, secure

Cheaper than wire transfer

Can be done from any point where there is an internet connection

Only valid in the US

Equitable Bank's Express Padala Service

Valid in more than 60 countries

To see location of all Express Padala Centers click: here

Allows you to open a local Philippine Peso account in your
name even though you are not in the Philippines

Auto-debit arrangement makes crediting of payments more convenient and timely

Slightly more complicated than other options

Funding of amortizations should be strictly monitored and done regularly in order to match the schedule of payments.

Other Fund Courier Services

Last resort

Not guaranteed to arrive on time

Payments sometimes gets lost


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